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A message from our founder: 

My vision for myself as a Speech Language Pathologist has always been to maintain the highest quality of service delivery while providing individualized support for each child. Meeting a child at their level and focusing on their strengths provides the foundation for an authentic relationship. Natural language acquisition and sensory exploration using everyday routines that the family has already established is the key to a successful learning experience for the child and the families we support, which leads to a lifetime of growth. I strongly believe in these principals, and I have worked hard to surround myself with a team that believes the same. I founded Motor Mouth Therapy Services in order to have a safe and nurturing environment for children of all neurotypes and their families. We are here not only to support and empower families, but to empower generations by igniting senses and all forms of communication. Thank you for trusting us to be a part of your journey. I look forward to meeting you!

-Amanda Gomez, MS-CCC-SLP

Founder, Motor  Mouth Therapy Services

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neurodiversity affirming

Neurodiversity Affirming Practice

​We are a pediatric clinic providing speech therapy, occupational therapy, reading intervention, feeding therapy, sensory support, AAC support, and more! We have served Sugar Hill, Buford, Gainesville, Cumming, Flowery Branch, Oakwood, Suwanee, and surrounding areas since 2007. We specialize in child-led, play-based, routine-based, & strengths based therapy for preschool and school aged children in our sensory friendly clinic from birth to 21 years of age. Our team receives ongoing education & believes in Neurodiversity Affirming Practices. We provide "non-behavioral approaches & methodologies that presume competence, are non-trauma inducing, & respect human rights, dignity, & sensory preferences"(ref: Our team is enrolled in Motor Mouth Therapy's Neurodiversity University    , which was created by our founder to ensure continuity of services by providing continuing education opportunities and resources in neurodiversity affirming practices exclusively to our therapists. We are passionate about empowering generations by igniting their senses & communication!

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Strengths Based Approach

to Therapy

Our team utilizes a strengths based approach to therapy. An individualized, strengths-based approach refers to policies, practice methods, and strategies that identify and draw upon the strengths of children, families, and communities. Strengths-based practice involves a shift from a deficit approach, which emphasizes problems and pathology, to a positive partnership with the family. The approach acknowledges each child and family's unique set of strengths and challenges, and engages the family as a partner in developing and implementing the service plan. Formal and informal services and supports are used to create service plans based on specific needs and strengths, rather than fitting families into pre-existing service plans.

Child-Led, Play-Based  Therapy Approach

Our clinicians use a child-led, play based therapy approach. In this approach, the clinician follows your child’s lead or focus of attention. This method reinforces language occurring in a more natural way and as a result of your child’s interests/passions and actions in a play environment.

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We Are In-Network with:

Routines Based Model

Interventions that are focused in naturally occurring activities in the family and child’s daily life. Meaningful and repeated experiences are the critical foundation of learning. Focus of intervention support should be placed on those that interact with child on regular basis…the parents not the professional. Participation is engagement.  Engagement is the foundation for routine based intervention!

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