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We are so thankful you chose Motor Mouth Therapy Services to offer support to your family! Prior to scheduling your first visit, we will need the following documents:

  1. Referral/prescription from your child's Pediatrician.

  2. Your insurance information and a copy of your insurance card.

  3. A hearing screening. 

  4. A copy of the IFSP if your child is receiving or has received support from Babies Can't Wait in the last 6 months. *PLEASE NOTE*: If your child is still receiving services from the Babies Can't Wait program, we cannot provide services to your child. Services from BCW must be terminated prior to making an appointment.

  5. A copy of the IEP if your child is receiving services from their school system.

  6. A copy of the most recent evaluation(s) if your child is transferring from another clinic. 

Prior to your Initial Evaluation/First Visit, we will need the following documents completed:

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